Final Countdown

Just another drive to the office.

Just another drive to the office.

I’m thinking this will be my second last blog post on Just DFACs Maam. There’s not really that much more that can be said about the food and life here, anyway, but I’ll yammer on about it this one last time. My final post will more of a summary along with some general musings on my time here and what it all meant (or didn’t mean)

I know, with only 6 days left to go, some may be thinking “Gee, I wonder if he’s regretting giving his notice”. Well, no. No, I’m not. Sure, I get to see some cool shit on my commute but the asininity of KAF has continued apace and I have to get out of here before I begin thinking any of this is normal. To wit: Continue reading

The Beginning of the End

Almost There

Almost There

I got back into KAF for my final roto four days ago. At only 16 days long, you’d think this one would fly by but the delicious prospect of soon being a hobo has slowed subjective time to a crawl. Luckily, I have the crafting of this pointless compendium of KAF ridiculousness to help pass the time so read on as I tell you about KAF goings-on as if I still give a fuck. Continue reading

The End of the World as We Know It

Just had the last supper of this rotation and I’m more than ready to head off for leave tomorrow. I am, however, pretty concerned about what I might come back after 4 weeks. There’s a lot of changes goin’ on around here. But first, let’s all oooh and ahh at my ’69 Beaumont that is fresh outta the body/paint shop:

I do great work when I'm not around.

I do great work when I’m not around.

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It’s Gonna Be an Adequate Day!

Believe it or not, it can get kind of tedious and unfun living and working in a shithole. Sometimes, however, there’s a little ray of figurative sunshine to go along with the literal scorching rays. When I’m surprised by a bit of good fortune in KAF, I can’t help but think “Hey, this is gonna be a good day!” Of course, I’m always wrong about that. Anyway, here’s a few rare occurrences that I take to be portents of adequate fortune.

1. The hard boiled eggs at breakfast are easy to peel.

2. The bank machines on the Boardwalk aren’t “Out of Service”…and there’s no line up!

3. My toast comes out of the toaster a different colour than when it went in.

4. A rocket attack siren coincides with my alarm clock.

5. The DFAC oatmeal is neither too soupy or too sludgy…it’s juuuusssst right.

6. Upon entering the bathroom stall, I find I’m the first to use it after it has been cleaned.

Bottom Line

Feel free to add your own KAF omens in the comments.

Always look on the bright side of life” – Brian


I got back to KAF way back on December 11th but I just couldn’t find my blog-writin’ mojo. Probably a combination of missing yet another Xmas at home and having just signed a contract renewal for another two years in this shithole. Having that kind of KAF time in front of me makes me just want to put my head down, do my job and let the time wash over me in a blur of monotony. However, a quick look at my paycheck along with my inability to keep my mouth shut have renewed my vigour…so here goes: Continue reading

Homefront to Back

I got back to KAF last week from a slightly extended time at home. I’ve been remiss in writing any posts due mainly to needing time for:
1. my aged body to adjust to the time zone;
2. my foggy brain to get a handle on the work stuff; and
3. my broken spirit to accept my fate.
Sorry about that. Anyway, I’ve got a large selection of disparate anecdotes to share both from home and from my first week back through the looking glass. Continue reading

Dining Al Fresco

With a couple of weeks left in my current roto, I was getting pretty bored with the usual DFAC fare and suggested that we head on up to the Boardwalk for dinner. “We can try out some of the newer places. Everyone can get their dinner at a different vendor if they like and we’ll eat al fresco”, I enthused. J was initially reluctant but came around once I explained that “al fresco” does not mean “in the nude“.  Here’s a compendium of a few of the Non-DFAC purveyors of comestibles that I’ve patronized over the last little while. Continue reading

A Bone To Pick

Spotted just east of the Kandahar International Airport ramp today.

I’ve had a pleasant surprise and an unpleasant surprise over the last few days. But first, a picture of the completely unsurprising broken down Toyota Surf of the month (or perhaps week).

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