I’m a retired Air Force Officer who has been working as a civilian on KAF for over 3 years. I love good food but in this place, you take what you can get. Hopefully, my tongue-in-cheek critiques of the items on the menus of the various KAF DFACS will serve as a helpful guide when choosing your slop of choice. I’ll also feature occasional forays into the commercial not-so-fine dining establishments of the boardwalk and beyond.

DFACS are what we not so affectionately call the Kandahar Airfield Dining Facilities.

For those too young to know, the site name is a play on the famous, yet apocryphal, catch phrase of Sgt Joe Friday from the television show Dragnet: “Just the facts, Ma’am”.

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  1. Good choice of a blog topic. It’s something that everyone who has spent any time there would know intimately and yet wish they didn’t know the truth of this blog quite so well. I was there only a brief two months. I could generalize a bit for your other readers. Supreme: not so supreme. Sodexo: Best food in town. And a pizza at the west corner of the boardwalk is hard to beat once a week even with the implication of a beer (such as it is). 🙂 All involved will know full well what I mean.

    • Start from the big roundabout near the Monti. Take the road heading roughly east that passes to the north of the Monti. Follow it till it ends and take a right. Then take an almost immediate left. Follow that road and it takes you right to it.

  2. Many years ago, Stars and Stripes Europe used to run a food column written ostensibly by an old NCO and his mostly hillbilly buddy. Ranged from mess halls to high-end resorts and restaurants. Some of your stuff reminds me of that. As a young Army journalist, I got some kind of award for copying that style in writing reviews of field messes and t-rats during a REFORGER. Thanks for writing and … hang in there.

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