It’s Gonna Be an Adequate Day!

Believe it or not, it can get kind of tedious and unfun living and working in a shithole. Sometimes, however, there’s a little ray of figurative sunshine to go along with the literal scorching rays. When I’m surprised by a bit of good fortune in KAF, I can’t help but think “Hey, this is gonna be a good day!” Of course, I’m always wrong about that. Anyway, here’s a few rare occurrences that I take to be portents of adequate fortune.

1. The hard boiled eggs at breakfast are easy to peel.

2. The bank machines on the Boardwalk aren’t “Out of Service”…and there’s no line up!

3. My toast comes out of the toaster a different colour than when it went in.

4. A rocket attack siren coincides with my alarm clock.

5. The DFAC oatmeal is neither too soupy or too sludgy…it’s juuuusssst right.

6. Upon entering the bathroom stall, I find I’m the first to use it after it has been cleaned.

Bottom Line

Feel free to add your own KAF omens in the comments.

Always look on the bright side of life” – Brian

7 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be an Adequate Day!

  1. Sheesh, and people wonder why I like it there ! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cook my own breakfast, wash my own dishes, start a load of laundry and then clean my bathroom. 😦

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