Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

On Tuesday evening, M spun the DfacOmatic in accordance with policy and up came the Boardwalk despite having been set to around 1% probability. L was feeling a little under the weather and insisted that we tempt fate and go to a DFAC instead. “It’s gonna be a disaster”  M predicted… Continue reading

A Bone To Pick

Spotted just east of the Kandahar International Airport ramp today.

I’ve had a pleasant surprise and an unpleasant surprise over the last few days. But first, a picture of the completely unsurprising broken down Toyota Surf of the month (or perhaps week).

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Another Goodbye with Pizza of Course…and a Word on Reliability

The Pizza here is often bitter-sweet.

I’m outta here for several weeks of leave in a few hours. When I get back things will be very different around here and not in a good way. After 2 1/2 years with our KAF team, T is will be gone before my return. We did the standard pizza dinner on Friday and I gave him the obligatory poorly done KAF embroidery but there’s more to be said. Continue reading

Another Goodbye with Pizza

Mamma Mia's

Well, M, being smarter than the rest of us, opted not to renew his contract when it was offered. He left KAF for the last time today. Sure, the job he’s taken back in Canada will allow him to see his wife everyday and eat home cooked meals but, mark my words, he’s gonna miss the smell of the poo pond in the morning and working with people who’ve gone charmingly insane. What the hell is he thinking? Continue reading