That Ain’t Right

Fuck you solar system. Like the days in KAF aren’t long enough, ya gotta pick a day I’m here for the longest day of the year. And now you’ve got this goddamn Super Moon coming tomorrow which seems to be really wreaking havoc with shit. A bunch of stuff that just shouldn’t be happening was going down this week. Anyway, on with the show: Continue reading


Dining Al Fresco

With a couple of weeks left in my current roto, I was getting pretty bored with the usual DFAC fare and suggested that we head on up to the Boardwalk for dinner. “We can try out some of the newer places. Everyone can get their dinner at a different vendor if they like and we’ll eat al fresco”, I enthused. J was initially reluctant but came around once I explained that “al fresco” does not mean “in the nude“.  Here’s a compendium of a few of the Non-DFAC purveyors of comestibles that I’ve patronized over the last little while. Continue reading

Just the Bemusual

Damn traffic!

Here’s another gratuitous shot of an amusing sight I saw during my ride to work just to make my non-KAF readers envious of my spectacular working environment. What are a few rocket attacks, dust storms, DFAC food and disgusting bathrooms when you get to see shit like this? Ok, all those things still suck but ya gotta admit this is a pretty cool photo, particularly when one considers that I was down shifting as I took it. Anyway, I spent much of the last few days being bemused. Continue reading