Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

On Tuesday evening, M spun the DfacOmatic in accordance with policy and up came the Boardwalk despite having been set to around 1% probability. L was feeling a little under the weather and insisted that we tempt fate and go to a DFAC instead. “It’s gonna be a disaster”  M predicted… Continue reading

Just the Bemusual

Damn traffic!

Here’s another gratuitous shot of an amusing sight I saw during my ride to work just to make my non-KAF readers envious of my spectacular working environment. What are a few rocket attacks, dust storms, DFAC food and disgusting bathrooms when you get to see shit like this? Ok, all those things still suck but ya gotta admit this is a pretty cool photo, particularly when one considers that I was down shifting as I took it. Anyway, I spent much of the last few days being bemused. Continue reading