Dining Al Fresco

With a couple of weeks left in my current roto, I was getting pretty bored with the usual DFAC fare and suggested that we head on up to the Boardwalk for dinner. “We can try out some of the newer places. Everyone can get their dinner at a different vendor if they like and we’ll eat al fresco”, I enthused. J was initially reluctant but came around once I explained that “al fresco” does not mean “in the nude“.  Here’s a compendium of a few of the Non-DFAC purveyors of comestibles that I’ve patronized over the last little while. Continue reading


Pie and Ice Cream

J, T and I went to the Lux again tonight. You may think we were drawn to its stunning new decor but, really, T just promised to buy us ice cream after dinner and Lux is the closest DFAC to the boardwalk.

I saw “Chicken and Mushroom Pie” on the menu at the short order bar but figured it would be one of the not so good casserole style things they make. Consequently, I joined J in lining up for the spicy and delicious sounding and looking “Chili Garlic Chicken”. Continue reading

Dutch Treat

Open All 4 KAF Seasons: Dust, Wind, Heat and Rain

Friday night being the traditional night out in the real world, J, M and I went to Echos All Seasons Restaurant a couple of days ago. It’s run by the Dutch and located just north of the Boardwalk. This was about my fourth visit there since coming to KAF and it was one of the most successful.

Continue reading

Getting My Just Desserts

For the benefit of all the DFAC menu writers out there, this post is about the sweet course that often follows a meal. You can tell because I’ve used two S’s. A desert, on the other hand, is what we are in (which certainly explains all the dust) and the word has no place on a menu unless you are trying to capture the texture of the cake. In that case, “desert cake” would be sadly appropriate.

There’s really no shortage of desserts offered at the various DFACS and, at first glance, the variety appears rather impressive. After about week 7, however, the monotony sinks in and, after 2 1/2 years some of my early favourites have lost their appeal. I do, however, still like to indulge in the sweets after most dinners. We have a pretty good arrangement here too. Both J and M2 go to the gym almost everyday and often skip dessert. M and I are already buff enough so we let J and M2 exercise for us by proxy and we eat an extra dessert for them. The world remains in perfect balance and everybody wins! Continue reading