The End of the World as We Know It

Just had the last supper of this rotation and I’m more than ready to head off for leave tomorrow. I am, however, pretty concerned about what I might come back after 4 weeks. There’s a lot of changes goin’ on around here. But first, let’s all oooh and ahh at my ’69 Beaumont that is fresh outta the body/paint shop:

I do great work when I'm not around.

I do great work when I’m not around.

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On Today’s Menu…

Our customer didn’t require our services today so, after getting up at 6 and dealing with the usual overnight influx of emails, I went back to bed. Awakening at 9:30, I’d missed breakfast. So, after a delicious morning snack of corn chips and salsa in my room, I went to the boardwalk to get lunch. Continue reading