The End of the World as We Know It

Just had the last supper of this rotation and I’m more than ready to head off for leave tomorrow. I am, however, pretty concerned about what I might come back after 4 weeks. There’s a lot of changes goin’ on around here. But first, let’s all oooh and ahh at my ’69 Beaumont that is fresh outta the body/paint shop:

I do great work when I'm not around.

I do great work when I’m not around.

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Vittle Statistics

49C49C. That’s just stupid and the first person to say “But it’s a dry heat” gets a kick in the head. Seriously, as humans migrated out of the great rift valley and spread across the earth, how did anyone end up living here? Where the hell were they before that was so bad they got to this shithole and thought “Oooh, this is just lovely! So much nicer than the place we just left. Let’s stay!”

Anyway, lots of KAF news and food bitches to get caught up on but first, of course, our latest messed up Toyota.

I find these delightful.

I find these delightful.

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Food Fun, Bizarre Banter and Odd Observations

Over the last week I checked out a newish restaurant on the Boardwalk, espied some disturbing ads and wondered at the annoyingness of an annoying man; all the while listening to the increasingly deranged utterances of my co-workers. I offer you now another glimpse into the asylum which is KAF. Continue reading