Total Eclipse of the Heart

I’m still outta shape, still talk about getting into shape and still hate everything associated with exercise. So, rather than being at the gym, I’m sitting in front of my computer, writing about my good intentions and some other unrelated stuff. How many calories/hour does blathering burn? Continue reading

M is for Monti

In my effort to provide balanced commentary on the DFACS here, I suggested we go to the Far East tonight as I’ve only reviewed it once and not very favourably. So, after turning the wrong way out of our compound (hey, I turned east…made sense to me given our destination), we did a little tour by the gas station, then through the 4 way stop from hell, and then down a little road to the Far East thereby completing about 7/8 of a square. The Far East is actually only a few hundred yards from our compound. Sure, we could have walked but we were already in the SUV when we decided to go there so by then it was too late. So, there was, as is usual at the Far East, nowhere to park. J helpfully suggested that we continue on down the road a few hundred metres as there were a lot of spots at a little compound down there (i.e. ours). I said “Fuck Thank you J, but lets just go somewhere else”. At that suggestion M enthusiastically chirped “The Monti!”. M loves the Monti for reasons he has never articulated. Continue reading