Here are some things to chew on as I gather material for longer blogs…

Gratuitous Shot of Cool Canadian Army Vehicles

Northline Make Up Your Mind

J and I have gone to Northline for breakfast on a few occasions this past week and I’m curious as to what they’re up to. I mentioned a while ago that they’d closed down one of the egg lines and then they’d stopped making eggs over easy. Then, a week or two ago I get in line and resignedly ask for 3 eggs, assuming over easy is not an option and he’d break the yolk and make them medium or hard. The same guy who a few days before had told me that he can’t make over easy then asked “yolks broken?” I say “huh?” and he then asks again “yolks broken?” as he proceeds to break the yolks. I say “Hey, I thought you couldn’t make them over easy anymore” and think “why the fuck didn’t you wait for me to answer”. He shrugs. Anyway, they’re making them over easy again. I’ve been here long enough that I should be used to arbitrary, random rule changes…but I’m not.

Just a few days ago, we go in and they’ve closed one steamline and it is the one near the door everyone comes in. Why? Was it just too efficient before? The Northline folks seem to subscribe to the maxim “If it ain’t broke, break it”.

They’ve also come up with a new bacon offering: “streaky bacon”. This is a euphemism for undercooked, cheap, fatty bacon. They’ve certainly fallen a long way from their bacon hey day. If they just crisped this crap up a bit and cooked off some of the fat, it would be ok…but then I guess it wouldn’t be streaky.

Two for Two

Why not make 'em all like this?

Last night we ate dinner at Cambridge. M and I had the roast pork with apple sauce. It was solidly KAF-Good. Stick with the pig Cambridge…the cow ain’t workin’ out for ya.

Independence Hall also hit it out of the park a couple of days ago. J raved about the chicken tenders while I had my first properly cooked chicken wing at IH. They had a casserole full of wings and, while the middle ones were anemic and greasy looking, awesome crispy ones were around the edge.

I also tried the lasagna. I usually shy away from the DFAC made casseroles as they often seem to taste just a bit not-right. The IH lasagna, however, was KAF-excellent. I’m rather disheartened that I had two dinners in a row with nothing to bitch about.

Tonight’s Menu Wandering Around Looking at Stuff

J, M and I went to the Monti for dinner tonight. Other than the duty menu outside, there was no menu posted at all. I think they’ve just given up on the whole menu idea, maybe because they’re reading this blog. So, while J and M got in line at the main steamline, I did a recce of the place.

I came back to them still in line and reported that the main steam line they were in offered corned beef and fish, the pasta sign still meant tacos, there were beans, chili, and lasagna at the middle steam line and the usual burgers, sausages, and dogs at the “quick snack” line. A young American serviceman heard me mention tacos and asked where they were. “Under the pasta sign, of course”, I replied. He was non-plussed at this seeming deception and wandered off for Mexican.

M’s face lit up at the lasagna news and he scurried off to that area. J wandered off to get sausage and I headed over to the tacos. I ended up in line behind the same American. He was a friendly sort and we chatted as we waited in line. Turns out he’s been to DFACS in Iraq and doesn’t ever expect signs or menus to be accurate. Vets know stuff.

My Power Grows Daily

Not only has Monti seemingly noted my comments on their menus, they’ve also taken further action on the vinegar front. The jug o’ vinegar has been replaced by an empty water bottle with holes in the lid. It is even somewhat professionally labeled. Next step is to get them to buy a proper cruet. I’m not a bloody savage.

When I got to the table, M informed me that what I had steered him to was not, in fact, lasagna. Hey M, do your own fucking recce next time then. How would anyone ever guess the unlabeled casserole with a layer of cheese on top was a stir fry covered in cheese? That’s just goddamn weird but, even weirder, M liked it.

Bottom Line

Northline seems to be slowly getting back to its old self. Cambridge and IH are doing pretty good and the Monti knows how to serve vinegar, sort of. I’m just going to assume all of this is my doing.

“When you are as great as I am it is hard to be humble.”
-Muhammad Ali

5 thoughts on “Appetizers

  1. We don’t even have a cruet here at home — since when do you need a cruet? Am I going to have to get egg cups and demi tasse and special olive forks next?

  2. Hey! So I was at TGIF tonight with a bunch of CrossFit people – most of whom I don’t know. One guy, a US soldier, mentioned he had tacos at Monti so I asked if it was from the “Feel like pasta today?” line. He said yes and immediatley asked if anyone knew who the Just DFACs Ma’am blogger was. Then he talked about how funny it was and everyone agreed the guy at the Cambridge is a true omlette ninja.
    Anyway, just FYI, word is definitely getting out. 🙂

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