Oh Northline, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

I’ve mentioned before that Northline, along with the Cambridge, was one of our two go to spots for breakfast. There have, however, been some recent developments that have put it on my no-eat list.

I hope this is a temporary supply chain issue but Northline has had no bacon for at least a week. Oh, they have offered something called “Turkey Bacon” but it is so far removed from what bacon is meant to be that it blasphemes the word. Who are they trying to kid? Just replace the “Turkey Bacon” sign with one that says “Sorry, we’re out of bacon. Would you like some tasteless strips of tough, dry fowl instead?”

To add insult to injury, they have inexplicably shut down one of the grills. They used to have two grills going, one for omelettes and one for fried eggs. Now they’ve combined them into one line,thereby doubling the already long line. Now it just isn’t worth the wait. Sure, there is only one line at the Cambridge, but who the hell do they think they are? Santos?

Bottom Line

Santos will be seeing a lot more us even if it means eating European Bacon.

2 thoughts on “Oh Northline, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

  1. I’m right with you as far a turkey bacon goes. It is quite disgusting! It just lays there, either in the frying pan or on your plate all limp. There is not one drop of fat in any of it, so there is no way it could curl up and become all crispy the way real bacon does!

    I hope Northline gets you real bacon soon.

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