An Open and Shut Case

In response to a request for the DFAC meal hours, I’ve added a new page with photos of the meal hour signs from the various DFACs. Now can I get back to bitchin’ about stuff? Speaking of open hours…

Kabul Bank “Now” Open

And the purpose of these signs would be?

Okay Kabul Bank sign making guy, when you say “now” what time are you actually referring to? Does it have any relation to the present moment? I guess a bank that thinks the “Soon” in “Opening Soon” can mean 2 fucking years could easily think “Now” means “Whenever we goddamn feel like it”. Was I assuming a little to much in thinking that 0800-1600 and Saturday to Thursday was referring to your open hours? Are they, perhaps, the hours when you are closed? Because I was there at bloody 1516 on a Tuesday and you were completely locked up. Even the goddamn ATM room was locked? What the hell? ATMs are designed to be 24/7 for fuck sakes. I dislike you Kabul bank people.

Ugh. I’m never going to get used to third world businesses. My bank card mysteriously stopped working in the other bank machine and I’m almost out of cash. And now this. My theory is that the Kabul bank finally took in enough money to make it worthwhile to abscond with it all. Hey, I’m not saying the Kabul bank a Ponzi scheme…the New York Times is.

Bottom Line

Buddy can ya spare a dime?

“I went down the street to the 24-hour grocery. When I got there, the guy was locking the front door. I said, ‘Hey, the sign says you’re open 24 hours.’ He said, ‘Yes, but not in a row.'” – Steven Wright

4 thoughts on “An Open and Shut Case

  1. Dude, you’re in Afghanistan. When they say “now open”, they mean “well, we were open for a few hours the other day, and might be again in a few more days, but now it’s time for chai.” I don’t trust their ATM’s anyway. I’d rather go thru the hassle of writing a check at the finance center. The specialists there are rude but at least they’re American rude.

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