Just Winging It

I’ve had some pretty uninteresting meals over the last several days. None of them stood out as great material for a blog post so I kinda of ignored them. In reviewing my notes, however, I’ve discovered some tidbits of information that bear mentioning. Yeah, I’m writing a post about a bunch of insignificant bullshit involving DFAC meals. Disappointing? Perhaps. In keeping with the general gist of this blog? Absolutely. Now that I’ve got you on the edge of your seat…here goes.

It’s Not Sunday!

J and I went to Cambridge last Friday. Oddly, they were serving roast beef. Thinking this was some kind of trick to make me think it wouldn’t be like the shitty Sunday roast beef yet unable to completely restrain myself, I asked for on small slice of the beef and got a roast chicken leg as back up. The beef was advertised as being in a horseradish sauce. I love horseradish but that’s a stupid fucking name for a tuber. I just looked up the etymology of horseradish on Wiktionary and it helpfully told me that it’s “From horse + radish”. You’re welcome; I’m all about education.

A Halifax Icon

Anyway, the beef was actually tender! What the hell? I get one little goddamn piece of it and this is the day they decide not to serve the hide? The horseradish sauce was pretty good too although it didn’t taste like horseradish…it was kind of sweet and slightly reminiscent of donair sauce. If you’ve never had a donair, then it’s time for a trip to Nova Scotia.

J and I also both got some of the nice looking hummus from the salad bar. I’ve eaten a lot of hummus in my day and always really liked it. I think I liked it because it was always flavoured with something…like garlic, or spices, or herbs or something. I just googled hummus recipes. On one page there are links to 13 hummus recipes with names like “roasted pepper hummus”, “roasted garlic hummus”, “cilantro and lemon hummus”. Not one of them is called “bland, no flavour added hummus”. I wonder, then, where the DFAC folks got their recipe?

Real ice cream with that real fake strawberry flavour.

The hummus debacle was more than made up for by the dessert, however. There was real ice cream. Not the seaweed based fake stuff but real ice cream scooped from a bucket. Unfortunately, the only flavour they had was strawberry. I had this with a little jam filled, puff pastry thingy that was very good. I particularly enjoyed both these treats knowing that J was on a low carb, no dairy diet.
A New Wingman

Slimy vs Yummy

Somebody is finally taking chicken wings seriously. You’ve heard me complain about them before being slimy messes but IH did ’em up right on Saturday night. Sure, I figure they were just dumped out of the bag and into the oven but, hey, it works and the improvement is clear to the naked eye.

Monti Feng Shui.

We went to the Monti tonight and they had wings too. Once again, they were crispy-decentness. I can only assume that my comments about slimy wings have reached the ears of the VP in charge of Wings at the DFACS. Don’t worry DFAC guys…I’m about to get my contract renewed and should be hanging around for another year to give you advice. I bet you’re relieved to hear that! Oh, Monti, could you maybe send someone over to IH to show them how to place cups near the goddamn drink dispensers? Thanks.

J had the steak which is usually either so tough as to be unchewable or artificially tenderized into a pasty mush. He said, surprisingly, that it seemed to be just a naturally tender piece of meat. To top this great meal off, there was the delicious lemon drizzle cake. It is always “flash frozen” moist unlike the dusty KAF cakes that are made at DFACs. Thank you factory in Idaho or wherever you are.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Orange Pekoe Beef?

Without thinking, J and I went to the Cambridge, not realizing it was Sunday. What was on the menu, you wonder? Surprise, surprise, it was roast beef and roast chicken. Once again, I went for one piece of each to hedge my bets. The roast beef was KAF-good and the Yorkshire pudding was excellent as usual. The problem is that Yorkshire pudding is just a puffy piece of dough without gravy and the gravy was just, well…weird. I make awesome gravy at home and am always at least a little disappointed by the gravy in KAF but at least it usually tastes like beef or chicken. The nearest I can describe tonight’s flavour is that it tasted kinda like lukewarm tea. It was a weird reddish colour too. I’d be interested to know if anyone else who tried the gravy there on Nov 6th detected a slight camelia sinensis essence to it…I want to be sure I’m not going nuts. What the hell would make gravy taste like tea?

Approaching the third anniversary of my arrival in KAF, I was feeling a little cocky and attempted the two fisted cup fill. For the uninitiated, the two fisted cup fill involves taking one paper cup in each hand and filling both of them at once from the dispensers. One of them always fills faster than the other and it takes a lot of hand/eye coordination to remove them each at the proper time to avoid spillage. I know, gutsiest move you ever saw, eh? In my hubris, I had forgotten that there was a reason, closely linked to my lack of motor skills, that I had been a navigator rather than a pilot in my air force days. The orange juice covered salad was, however, kinda tasty.

Bottom Line

Things are looking up. Cambridge is serving chewable beef and IH and Monti seem to have mastered the art of making unslimy chicken wings. I suppose my standards may have dropped when “chewable” and “unslimy” are what I’m hoping for…

“Quality costs but quality wastes so I’m giving up all of my expensive tastes”- Ray Davies

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