The Near East

Several people, both in KAF and in the blog comments, have been telling me how much they like the Far East DFAC. I’ve rarely eaten there and if you’ve read this post you’ll understand why. My last experience there was bloody awful. However, in the interest of fairness, J and I went there for dinner to night. Admittedly, just like a NASCAR fan who is secretly hoping to see a crash, I was hoping for the DFAC equivalent so I’d have some material for a bitchy blog. Alas, there was no crash.

The Far East is about tied with the Monti as the nearest DFAC to our accommodations. I’ve been told that the Monti is within walking distance but I lack any empirical evidence to back up this assertion because the Monti has ample parking. The Far East has almost no parking at all. This could, of course, be another reason I rarely go there. So, J and I donned our ice cream belts and sauntered on over to the Far East. Walking along beside the road was miserable. The dust churned up by the passing vehicles was disgusting. Fortunately the wind was such that poo pond was undetectable. It’s no wonder I detest the out of doors.

I can use big boy glass now.

The Far East is really popular with the Asian KAF workers and is almost always busy. The line up for the northerly steam line was very long while the south side one was practically empty. J and I hightailed it over to this newly discovered secret line and got served very quickly. Which leads me to where Far East beats any other DFAC hands down: the traffic flow. You can move seamlessly from the main steam line to the salad bar and on to the stir fry bar. The drinks and desserts are right before you enter the eating area. It’s moderately better than the layout of the Lux and Cambridge but infinitely more efficient and less fucked up than the layout of the Monti and IH where I have to wander around and backtrack all over the place to get a full meal. The Far East is the only DFAC to have adult sized paper cups and they put them right beside the drink dispensers…how’s that for a neat idea IH?

Still an angry red.

They do, however, need to work on a couple of things. The chairs are flimsy and lean forward. It’s like you’re constantly sitting on a roller coaster that is just cresting its peak. And the music…what can I say about the music? It sounds like some sort of Latin rap. I can’t be certain because I don’t know the Spanish word for “Ho”. J described it as Angry Mexican music. That doesn’t belong in the Asian mess…hell, it doesn’t belong anywhere. Please make it stop.

It ain't no "Asian Style Food"!

Now, to the food. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the stir fry wasn’t a chewy mess like the last time. It was, however, only tepid rather than hot but that’s because I got the dregs from the warming pan. I should have waited for the freshly made stuff. I also had the Alu Kheema which just happens to be my favourite kind of Kheema. I’m going to assume that either Alu or Kheema means beef because that’s what it was. It was pretty flavourful so went nicely with the flavourless puala. I’m going to assume that puala means “grain that is indistinguishable from rice”.  When I got the puala, I told the guy to just give me a very little bit of it. He filled up the biggest section of my plate. What the fuck? While the Asian customers would think that’s “a little bit” of puala, I’m from North America, dude, we don’t eat that much rice. Fortunately, being from North America also allowed me to throw out the extra puala without a scintilla of guilt.

Bottom Line

I guess I didn’t give the Far East a fair shake by dismissing it after one disastrous visit. The food was much better prepared this time. However, until either they get parking or I get energetic, I don’t think I’ll be dining there too often. If I crave Asian style food, I’ll head to Asian Style Food.

“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” – Steven Wright

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