Just a quick note to say we ate at the Lux tonight and the entire meal was excellent. A, M and I had the roast pork and it was done to perfection; it was tender, moist and tasty. I do not, however, know which part of the pig it came from. Now, this doesn’t really matter, I suppose but I kinda got used to knowing exactly what body part I was eating. Up until sometime either 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years ago (time in KAF is impossible to measure subjectively), the DFACs would always tell you exactly what you were eating. One day, it would be Pork Shoulder, the next, Pork Leg, then Pork Butt, then Pork Neck (yeah…like I want to know when I’m eating a neck). It was kind of a challenge though, I wanted to eat every part of the entire pig. Of course, it all tasted the same but it was quite the anatomy lesson. At least they didn’t serve us some of the more offensive body parts. I kept expecting Pork Testicle or Pork Snout to show up.

Oh, and along with the sign that would say “Pork Neck” (for example) there would be another extremely informative sign advising us that it “contains pork”. Thanks for that Chef Obvious.

3 thoughts on “LUXury

    • Not quite vegetarian. Just more veggies, less meat and avoid processed stuff. T became a vegetarian here though…well, he had one meal with no meat then insisted that the beef, chicken and pork were likely grain-fed so they too counted as a vegetarian dish.

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