Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-Four Hours to Go…

I’m heading home for leave tomorrow. Ever since I got up this morning, this song’s been going through my head. The first verse does a great job of conveying how it feels to be here on the last day of a roto. Ya just want the day to be over. But, while I waited for this week to wind down, I saw some shit…

Could be worms, I s’pose.

Whatcha Havin’?

Maybe I’m being a little demanding but I think one should be able to tell whether one is eating spaetzle or just undercooked noodles. The debate raged at our table at the Far East this week. While I initially leaned towards spaetzle, I figured it’s far more likely they really fucked up the noodles rather than just mildly fucked up the spaetzle. Either way, the only thing that made them edible was the blessed sweet chili sauce.

The Return of the Ass?


Unconfirmed but I seriously think Cambridge may have begun serving chicken ass again after a long hiatus. No one at our table could identify this cut of chicken I received. “I think it’s a thigh with a side of ass,” I remarked, “In another context that could sound rather pleasant…”. In this context, it’s just gross. I’m no anatomist but I’m pretty damn certain that’s an ass bone. Whatever it is, it isn’t something I want on my plate. Stop It, Cambridge!

Hey, Come Back Here

Kafoodie’s Rule #73 – If you’re an idiot, don’t volunteer to make the sign.

Before I noticed that its apostrophe had just toddled off to the next sign, I thought “Hmm…it would probably be more helpful if the Alteration and Press Shop told us their current hours of operation”. I really hope this is just a case of an apostrophe suffering from wanderlust. Otherwise, there’s two stupid people being handed paint brushes and sign boards. I am a little ashamed that I hadn’t noticed these capostrophes earlier.

Happy Veterans’een

Seriously? Ghosts on Veterans’ Day?

While the civilized world (i.e. The Commonwealth) recognizes Remembrance Day today, it’s Veterans’ Day in the US. The Northline was all decked out in red,white and blue. It was all very nice but I’m not sure the Hallowe’en/ghost themed centrepieces were quite appropriate to a solemn day to remember the war dead. In fact, it’s kinda creepy…right up there with Cannibal Turkey and the Easter Playboy Bunny. Someone really oughta explain western holidays to the DFAC decorating committee.

How Posh

Would you like some Grey Poupon with that?

L insists that her British accent is working class and anything but posh. Ok, I may not be able to tell a Cockney from a Yorkie, but, as far as I’m concerned, anyone who uses a knife and fork to eat a hamburger pretty much has to be a member of the royal family. I figure L just wants to see what it’s like to be one of the commoners before she returns to her manor house.

Skill Testing Question

Q: What’s worse than a Non-Alcoholic Budweiser? Answer at bottom of page.

Mr. Romance

So, the Air Canada frequent flyer program, Aeroplan, changed its rules for getting Elite status for next year. Elite status is pretty damn important. It means access to lounges with free booze and showers. They raised the number of “miles” needed to qualify and, to make matters worse, our company started occasionally booking us on Lufthanza (a Star Alliance partner) fare codes from Frankfurt to Dubai that gave 0 miles. Consequently, I was at risk of not getting the 50,000 miles I needed to retain my Elite for next year.

I got home last leave and told my wife “Hey, Joanie, I need some Aeroplan points to remain Elite for next year. How about we go to Paris in November? You always wanted to go there so it can be our Christmas present to each other. Merry Christmas”. With a less pleased expression than I had anticipated, she responded “So, you’re taking me to Paris just so you can get Aeroplan miles?” No, of course not. I don’t get miles for your ticket, just for mine. I’m going to Paris for miles and inviting you along”, I said, content that I had cleared up that misunderstanding. Thankfully, she knows me well enough that she just looked down, shook her head, chuckled and said “How romantic”. It was at that point that I knew I had screwed this up somehow…but I’m still not totally sure where it all had gone terribly wrong. Anyway, we’re going to Paris next week and I’m now a shoe in for Elite Status in 2013!  I hope I’m right in guessing the foods gonna be better than KAF-good.

Bottom Line

One the way to dinner a couple of nights ago, I said “This roto seemed really slow throughout but as I look back it seems like it just started”. M responded with my favourite KAF-ism of the week which deserves to be the quote for this post:

Time flies when you’re having…um…time”. – M

A: 24 Non-alcoholic Budweisers:

Bonus Question: Why is American beer like making love in a canoe?
A: Because they’re both fucking close to water.

1 thought on “Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-Four Hours to Go…

  1. KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – The familiar scan-and-go entry at Kandahar Airfield’s dining facilities will be revamped with new policies and meal cards will be reissued to all dining patrons, a 655th Regional Support Group official said Nov. 18. The new policies which are set to take effect in late November, aim to eliminate fraud and the new meal cards promise to reduce excessive costs for take-out meals and ensure only authorized personnel possessing a meal card are eating in the airfield’s dining facilities, commonly referred to as DFACs.

    The new policies will be implemented due to growing concerns about increasing dining expenses. The new policies, according to U.S. Garrison Fragment Order 12-014, include:

    -New meal cards will be issued by unit commanders to federal employees, contractors and military personnel
    -Take-out meals will be limited to military, federal civilians and contractors who request an exception to policy through the garrison commander
    -Dining facility use by civilian transients will be reduced to those who possess a letter of authorization and they may only dine in the Niagara, Northline and Monti dining facilities. Local nationals are not allowed to have a LOA or meal card unless they are permanently living on the airfield.
    -Soldiers in the Wounded Warrior Recovery Program are the only diners allowed to wear sports attire and physical fitness clothing in the dining facilities. Recognized religious head gear will be the only head gear authorized inside the dining facilities and only visiting local nationals are authorized to wear open toed shoes in the establishments.

    All of the existing meal cards will be deactivated by the end of the month and new cards will be reissued to personnel with proper credentials. There will also be a new option available to civilian diners – hot and cold bagged meals – called mermites.

    These increasing expenditures were caused by high numbers of patrons requesting take-out meals. Take-out meals cost $4 more than meals consumed in the dining facilities due to packaging costs.

    There was also a growing concern that meal cards were being misused by unauthorized diners.

    “We have no control over more than 50,000 individual cards due to how the old system was created,” said Col. Ernest Erlandson, the U.S. garrison commander of the 655th Regional Support Group. “These uncontrolled cards never expire and the possibility that they are being sold was a major issue that needed to be contained.”

    Erlandson said the policy should control excess costs and ensure only authorized personnel receive compensated meals. He stressed the garrison isn’t trying to deny anyone the opportunity to eat, but simply control costs and meal distribution.

    The mermites will only be available at the Far East and Independence dining facilities. All other dining facilities will give take-out meals to Soldiers and federal employee who possess a valid meal card.

    For information on the new policies and meal cards, call DSN 318-421-8165. Diner are also welcome to provide their opinions on the new policies and meal cards on the comment cards available at all of the base’s dining facilities.

    Read more:

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