Another Goodbye with Pizza

Mamma Mia's

Well, M, being smarter than the rest of us, opted not to renew his contract when it was offered. He left KAF for the last time today. Sure, the job he’s taken back in Canada will allow him to see his wife everyday and eat home cooked meals but, mark my words, he’s gonna miss the smell of the poo pond in the morning and working with people who’ve gone charmingly insane. What the hell is he thinking?


In honour of his last day in KAF, T, J, M2, and I took him out to Mamma Mia’s for dinner. It seems that pizza is the default choice for goodbye dinners here. Pizzeria Mamma Mia is a sit down pizzeria that is the alternative to the New York Style Pizza take out place across the boardwalk. While it doesn’t have the strip mall-esque, chain restaurant feel of TGI Friday’s next door, it does a passable imitation of a mom and pop Italian restaurant despite the absence of mom and pop types or anyone who is even vaguely Italian looking.

While the New York Style pizza has a thick crust and lots of toppings, Mamma Mia’s is a very thin crisp crust and the toppings are good but a little spare…and somewhat odd. One choice was tuna. Now, I’ve seen pizza with tuna on it before…but that was in the Netherlands and you know how I feel about the Dutch and their choice of toppings for food! If you’re going to put fish on a pizza it had better damn well be anchovies. I love anchovies. Mamma Mia’s had anchovies last time I was here. Now they don’t. They do, however, have artichokes on their pizza. Perhaps they think anchovies and artichokes are share enough letters (7) so as to be interchangeable from a taste perspective. That is wrong in oh so many ways. And, once you put artichokes on the pizza, what the hell, may as well add some sweet corn, eh?

mmm anchovies huh artichokes

T, J and I all had the Supreme Pizza. It had the aforementioned artichokes and sweet corn along with salami, ham, “sausage”, mushrooms, and black olives. There was a warning on the menu that the olives “may contain pits”. Yup, they did. Weird.

M2 had the Hawaiian Pizza which, of course, had ham and pineapple. No surprises there.

Meat Lovers' Pizza - Are hotdogs techinically meat?

M had the Meat Lovers Pizza which had salami, ham, and “sausage” . Essentially it’s a Supreme without the weird shit. M insisted I take a picture of it as soon as he realized that by “sausage” they meant hot dogs. Fine, technically a hot dog is, indeed, a sausage. Fuck you, Wikipedia. If it’s gonna have a sliced up hot dog on top the menu should damn well say “hot dog”.

M's Last Supper in Paradise

Ya wanna hear the weirdest thing about this meal? It was bloody excellent! I’m partial to thin crust pizzas and these were really tasty. As he told us how he was cutting down on cheese to reduce his cholesterol levels, J smothered his Supreme in the proffered grated Parmesan. I don’t these pizzas needed the cheese any more than J did. They were plenty good without it.

Bottom Lines

If you like crispy crusts and weird inventive toppings, I’d say Mamma Mia’s is your choice for pizza on the boardwalk.
“There’s a pizza place near where I live that sells only slices… in the back you can see a guy tossing a triangle in the air…”-Stephen Wright

I’m going to miss having M around if only because he would have the courtesy to laugh at all of my jokes, no matter how lame. We spent a lot of stressful, exciting, boring and ridiculous time together over the last 19 months. KAF will either bring out the worst or the best in people and M (almost) always kept a smile on his face despite rocket attacks, crazy KAF rules, Hades-like weather and mediocre food. He was my coworker and is my friend. I wish him well as he embarks on yet another career.

“You can always tell a real friend: when you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job.”-Laurence J. Peter

6 thoughts on “Another Goodbye with Pizza

  1. I’m not a meat eater when it comes to pizza. I’m veggies all the way, baby. However, I have to say that they may taste good, they looked pretty good too. It’s the first time I’ve looked at something you’ve taken a picture of and though I might take a bite. Then you mentioned hot dogs. I’m out!
    I would starve if I was there. Of course the Canadian Armed Forces wouldn’t have me anyway, so it’s a good thing they have sturdy and hardy folk like you over there to defend our freedom. If I was a guy, I’d suffer permanent shrinkage from the proximity of the poo pond alone. Never mind the food!

  2. That was a good post, and really kind of sweet near the end there. A proper sending-off for M.

    Makes me want pizza for dinner. I’m with Kathleen – that’s the first time that a picture of yours made me think of, well, food….

  3. Very nice send-off post for M! I also am thinking pizza for dinner tonite due to your picture-taking ability but I don’t think if I call any local pizza joints they will have hot dogs and this would be a good thing.

  4. Glad you reviewed Mama Mia’s I had heard it was the other almost real restaurant there, I had hoped the decor would be more glitzy like TGIF, but I guess it does look like a neighborhood Italian place. And the pizza looked good, and I love hotdogs!!! But not on pizza ! Sorry you are losing your best friend, hope he is getting out before he did irreparable damage to his intestine eating KAF ‘food’. Hope you have more buddies to take along on your food critiquing adventures! Best wishes to you both ! ps. Can you review the boardwalk local cuisine sometime? I hear there is afghani food?

  5. Another awesome post! I too loved the pizza at Mamma Mia’s, hotdog sausage or not (as long as you’re not expecting “normal” sausage, it’s really good). Weird thing for me – the pizza wasn’t sliced/cut at all. But at least they issued the big steak knife and fork (made of actual metal).

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