Nathan to Write Home About

World Famous? What the hell for?

As some of you may have gathered from previous posts, we work on the north side of the airfield while we live on the south side. During the working day several days ago, I had to drive over to the south side of the airfield to take care of one of the myriad of KAF administrative inanities. It was around noon and office I was visiting was closed for lunch. Having time to kill, I decided to visit the boardwalk for one of Nathan’s World Famous Hotdogs as proclaimed on one of their signs.

I’d had a dog there once before and it was pretty good. Having said that, I gotta wonder why something “pretty good” would be “world famous”. Basically, it tasted like a hotdog. Big Whoop. I didn’t think it was even as good as the hotdogs we used to get off the street vendors at 4 am after a night on the town back when I could handle nights on the town. Of course, on those occasions my judgment may have been moderately impaired.

Well, at least it was better than this.

This latest Nathan’s experience, however, wasn’t even close to their previously achieved “pretty good” standard. The hotdog was all wrinkly and dry like those ones you see forlornly rotating at the movie theatre that appear to have been there since Gone With The Wind debuted. The bun was also very dry. Only large amounts of ketchup and mustard coupled with my ravenous hunger made it edible. As I described it to J later, he suggested it sounded reminiscent of the hot dog Apu found on the floor in an episode of the Simpsons. It wasn’t that bad but it sure didn’t make me want to go there again. And it made my vehicle stink.

Bottom Line

Yeah, you might or may not get a decent hotdog at Nathan’s but at least they don’t serve ’em on pizza.


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