The Omelette King

Today J wanted a good omelette. In KAF that means breakfast at the Cambridge DFAC for that is the domain of the legendary Santos. As I alluded to in a previous post Santos is the master of the giant grill. Where mere mortals cook only 3-5 omelettes at a time, Santos handles 7-8 different types of omelettes and fried eggs with aplomb without ever screwing up an order.

Santos on the right and a pretender to the throne on the left.

My co-worker T made fast friends with him several months ago despite Santos’ s limited English and T’s limited patience. During one perplexing conversation I was witness to, T asked him how far his home town was from a major city. Santos replied “10 Celcius”. Only from such deep, unfettered communication can we ever hope to bridge the gulf between cultures.

Perhaps Santos’ greatest claim to fame is his ability to remember your breakfast order from the first time you order it. On subsequent visits he merely glances up, notes your presence in line and starts to prepare your meal; no order required. This is great IF you want the same thing everyday. If not, well, tough.

Santos is a bright spot in a dusty, searing KAF morning. He makes omelette and egg preparation a performance; often standing on one leg, doing a pirouette or making sound effects as he performs his culinary ballet.

For breakfast with panache, make it the Cambridge. Just be sure to order something you really, really like the first time…

4 thoughts on “The Omelette King

  1. Wow. I’m 79 Celcius away from a large city. He’s got it easy!
    I’m not a fan of omelettes unfortunately. I’m not a fan of eggs no matter how they’re done, unless I do them myself. I’m the same with coffee. I won’t even drink Tim Horton’s!
    I might die if I had to live in your conditions, I think!

  2. Santos! That’s his name. Quite a performance. He cropped up in conversation earlier today. I guess that’s a form of immortality.
    Wherever he is right now, good luck to him.

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