Back In Black Beige

I got back from my leave a week ago. I’ve been remiss in posting new blog entries as I was just too damn lazy busy. It was a little difficult getting used to living here after a couple of weeks staying in places like this:

Kalaja Apartments, Ulcinj Montenegro

with views like this:

View During Dinner

Our Route

As I mentioned in my last post, my wife and I spent a couple of weeks wandering around Bosnia, a bit of Croatia and damn near all of Montenegro. At right is a shitty map I downloaded from the internet onto which I have shittily drawn our approximate route using a shitty photo program. I’m all about quality.

We spent 3 nights in Sarajevo, Bosnia, 2 in Dubrovnik, Croatia then a week tooling around Montenegro.

I’m telling you all this for two reasons: a) I fucking feel like it, and b) I’m going to use my trip for blog fodder whenever I don’t feel like writing about the DFACs. I’ve got lots of material on Balkan cuisine (tip: don’t get the vicla). I also plan a special post regaling you with the wonders of toilet facilities in these formerly communist countries. I hope you’re looking forward to that…I had to take my pictures quite surreptitiously as photography in public washrooms is frowned upon in many cultures.

Hvala for reading!

3 thoughts on “Back In Black Beige

  1. So glad you are back!! I missed your blog, and I cant wait to hear about the trip, and your bathroom commentary etc ! Welcome back!

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