Life in the KAF Lane

I think it says something about a place when pretty much everyone there considers monotony a good thing. In KAF, every bloody day is pretty much the same and that’s ok because anything out of the ordinary around here usually just means things get shittier. So, yeah, the overwhelming boredom is starting to grate as I reach the mid-point of this roto but that’s better than the alternative. Thank Zeus for all the idiocy that goes on in this place…at least it gives me something to write about and this week had its share.

That’s a First

It's only a matter of time.

It’s only a matter of time.

I drive a shitty-ass, third world quality Toyota Prado here. Sure, the radio is overwhelmed by static if you turn on the rear defogger, there are no airbags and, even in 4 wheel drive, it lacks the power to drive out of 3 inches of gravel but I always consoled myself with the fact that the wheels didn’t fall off like they do the shitty-ass, third world quality Toyota Surfs so many people drive around here. Now, however, I’m concerned. A and I spotted our first Prado with a broken wheel-holdy-doodad. Uh-oh. Continue reading

Two’s Company, Three Hundred’s a Crowd

I arrived back in my hovel last Saturday after 4 weeks off. I know you all want to see slides of what I did on my summer vacation; however, that’ll have to wait for the very special “Ireland” episode of Just DFACS Ma’am but here’s a teaser: their public washrooms are very clean. For now, I’ve just got a few bouquets and several brickbats to toss around regarding the last 6 days. Continue reading

The More Things Change…

We had some huge changes in personnel over the last few weeks but even with the fresh faces of new staff, KAF remains pretty much the same; some food was good, more food was bad, my workmates made inane comments and a Surf lost it’s wheel.

Spotted yesterday by M near the fuel point.

Spotted yesterday by M near the fuel point.

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Appsolutely Fabulous

It’s a banner day in KAF! Yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, apparently took my threats of a boycott of their products by the legions of JustDFACSMaam readers seriously. My understanding is that the number of emails and tweets he received demanding that DFAComatic be made available on the App store actually doubled everyday for two days. Consequently, the DFAComatic is now available for FREE! Those of you with IPods, IPads, or IPhones had better get to the App store fast because I’m not sure how many M has made.

Picture This

Now we can all calm down from the excitement surrounding the DFAComatic release with some random pictures and commentary. Continue reading

“It’s All Shite, Innit?”

Today’s title comes courtesy of L who’s been heard to exclaim it several times over the last few days. Fresh from her honeymoon (Congratulations!), she’s determined to eat healthily and, sadly, the DFACs aren’t cooperating. While the rest of us don’t share her complete disgust with this week’s fare (in fact, some of it was KAF-excellent), her comments do capture the overall essence of life in KAF…particularly during these last several days of my roto. So, off we go on the rollicking adventure that was our KAF life this past week. But first, how about another Toyota Surf with attachment issues:

You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.

It’s A Long Story

Over the last several days, work-related nonsense has sapped my creative energy and, as such, I haven’t posted anything for a while. Similar to my schoolboy days when I would bring a big mouth to a fist fight, over the last week I brought reason and sanity to a policy fight…with similar results. There’s a bit of a truce holding for now so I’ve prepared this rather long, disparate post to bring you up to date on the trivialities of our KAF life. But first, how about another Toyota Surf with a broken wheel holdy-on thingy?

That don’t look right.

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Parting Shots

Spotted near the fuel station.

I’m outta here for 4 weeks off tomorrow! As usual, I plan to write some posts from home and, as usual, I likely won’t bother. So, to tide you over in the meantime, here’s a photo rich compendium of KAF stuff from the last several days, starting with yet another messed up Toyota Surf . Continue reading