Parting Shots

Spotted near the fuel station.

I’m outta here for 4 weeks off tomorrow! As usual, I plan to write some posts from home and, as usual, I likely won’t bother. So, to tide you over in the meantime, here’s a photo rich compendium of KAF stuff from the last several days, starting with yet another messed up Toyota Surf . Continue reading

Some Divine Intervention and A Hipster Invasion

We had our standard lunch at the Northline and then opted for the IH for dinner. Both venues were the site of semi-miraculous events. Bear in mind that I consider having the right forms to renew my KAF pass on my first visit to badging (despite the ever changing regs) to be irrefutable proof of the existence of Horus so I may be setting the miracle bar kinda low. Continue reading

Spinnage, Pillage and Lineage

As the rains continue in our little desert paradise, life plods along. As gray skies predominate and boredom sets in, I notice my observations of that which is life in KAF become more eclectic. Here are some random musings from the last couple of days. Continue reading

Our Fine Feathered Friends

D was feeling a little under the weather so we let him pick our dining venue for tonight. He chose “one of the American ones”. The “American ones” are Monti and Independence Hall so, since we were at the Monti last night and variety is the spice of life, we drove off to IH.

A Test

Continue reading