Deep Thoughts

Things have been running really smoothly at work. After 3 years here we really have our shit together and the operation pretty much takes care of itself. This lull in activity is a welcome respite and has given me some time for contemplation and reflection. Deep thought, philosophical musings, as it were. Consequently, I came up with a list of things that have recently pissed me off.

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The Sky is Falling

"That's not right" I says to myself

The Rains are Coming!

I was sitting in my room about to write a scintillating account of the meal J and I had at Lux the night before when I got an email from COMKAF HQ advising that one of the roads is closed due to flooding. “Damn it”, I think, “How am I supposed to create beautiful prose with these constant interruptions?” But, being the dedicated cog in the military industrial complex that I am, I open my door to go tell our guys not to use the road in question and I see this. Continue reading