“Extra Chicken for You!”

I wonder what kind of food this place has?

J and I had been hearing rave reviews for the Asian Style Food place on the board walk so, in the mood for something non-DFAC, that’s where we went to dinner a couple of nights ago. The first dilemma we had to deal with was how to get there. You may have picked up on the fact that J is kinda health conscious; he works out, watches what he eats and even reads diet and exercise books. You may have also surmised that I’m pretty much relying on genetics and a tape worm to maintain my skinny svelt, yet wiry, physique. Consequently, I take a lot of ribbing because I drive everywhere, including to dinner. I figure, if god had meant man to walk he wouldn’t have invented the internal combustion engine. Of course, everyone else tags along with me in the vehicle but it is, somehow, always my idea to drive. Continue reading