Garlic Sandwiches

Crush anywhere from 1/2 to 2 cloves of garlic per sandwich depending on how much you like garlic. Make sure it is as finely minced as you can make it.

Cut the crust off of a couple of pieces of sliced white bread and feed the crust to the dog. Cut the remaining bread into strips about 1/2″ wide.

Cut a lemon into wedges.

Brush pita bread rounds (about 6″ diameter) with olive oil. Spread the garlic as generously as you want on the pita. Place a strip or two of the sliced white bread on the pita about 1/3 in front the edge. Sprinkle a little bit of vinegar over the white bread. Squeeze lemon juice over the whole thing.

Roll up the pita. Skewer it to prevent it from opening. Place in a 350 degree over for 5-10 minutes…until pita is crispy but not browned on the outside.

Make enough for your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend or expect to remain celibate for a couple of days.

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