I got back to KAF way back on December 11th but I just couldn’t find my blog-writin’ mojo. Probably a combination of missing yet another Xmas at home and having just signed a contract renewal for another two years in this shithole. Having that kind of KAF time in front of me makes me just want to put my head down, do my job and let the time wash over me in a blur of monotony. However, a quick look at my paycheck along with my inability to keep my mouth shut have renewed my vigour…so here goes: Continue reading

Appsolutely Fabulous

It’s a banner day in KAF! Yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, apparently took my threats of a boycott of their products by the legions of JustDFACSMaam readers seriously. My understanding is that the number of emails and tweets he received demanding that DFAComatic be made available on the App store actually doubled everyday for two days. Consequently, the DFAComatic is now available for FREE! Those of you with IPods, IPads, or IPhones had better get to the App store fast because I’m not sure how many M has made.

Picture This

Now we can all calm down from the excitement surrounding the DFAComatic release with some random pictures and commentary. Continue reading

Homefront to Back

I got back to KAF last week from a slightly extended time at home. I’ve been remiss in writing any posts due mainly to needing time for:
1. my aged body to adjust to the time zone;
2. my foggy brain to get a handle on the work stuff; and
3. my broken spirit to accept my fate.
Sorry about that. Anyway, I’ve got a large selection of disparate anecdotes to share both from home and from my first week back through the looking glass. Continue reading

On The Road Again

How could I not choose this?

I’m outta here tomorrow for another several weeks off but first…I’m pretty proud of this meal. At the Far East last night, I had Lamb Biryani (lamb and rice) and a beef and rice stir fry accompanied by curried rice salad and a delicious rice pudding for dessert. L was moved to comment You must really like rice”.
“Actually, no, I’m not a huge fan of it.”
“Why’d you get all that then? There were other choices”.
But this way every one of my dishes is rice based.”
S, M and A didn’t seem to get it either. They’re all a little odd. Continue reading

“It’s All Shite, Innit?”

Today’s title comes courtesy of L who’s been heard to exclaim it several times over the last few days. Fresh from her honeymoon (Congratulations!), she’s determined to eat healthily and, sadly, the DFACs aren’t cooperating. While the rest of us don’t share her complete disgust with this week’s fare (in fact, some of it was KAF-excellent), her comments do capture the overall essence of life in KAF…particularly during these last several days of my roto. So, off we go on the rollicking adventure that was our KAF life this past week. But first, how about another Toyota Surf with attachment issues:

You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.


Another Monday at KAF. It seems suspiciously like the six days that preceded it. With nothing singular to make any one day stand out, here’s a bunch of miscellany, much of which was quite irksome.

Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts

Here are some random musings and bitches….

Enough is Enough

I mentioned a while back that the Far East had posted a banana guard to, presumably, cut down excessive banana consumption by some individuals. Well, now it seems that the idea of controlling food distribution has migrated to the other DFACs as well…but it all seems kinda random. Continue reading