Oops They Did It Again

Yay! Easter Santa!

Yay! Easter Santa!

I fucking love Easter in KAF! Some of you may remember last year’s awesomely incomprehensible displays. And this year, while more subdued, the random conflation of holidays continued.

What the hell is that all about?

What the hell is that all about?

It began at the Lux on Saturday. “Holy shit guys! Look, it’s the Easter Santa! Hippity-Hoppity Easter’s on it’s way” I sang as I danced the Easter Santa along the table. M snickered while T, inexplicably, glanced around with an embarrassed look. As Easter Santa rocked out in his face, T somewhat rudely gestured to someone behind me. Musta been some guy who got in his way at the toaster.



The wacky festivities continued at the Cambridge on Sunday. There was a table of assorted Easter chocolate goodies laid out. My initial, joyful reaction of “Awesome, I fucking love Easter chocolate” quickly transformed into disgust as I espied the horror awaiting me in the bins. “What kind of unholy co-mingling is this? Easter Santa cavorting with giant rabbits?” It’s almost like they’re trying to turn Easter into some pagan sex festival.

Bottom Line

Easter done “right” doesn’t make any sense so I’m totally down with Easter Santa.

“There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who love chocolate, and communists.” ~ Leslie Moak Murray

6 thoughts on “Oops They Did It Again

  1. Sounds awesome sorry I missed it, hoping there will some fun distractions while I’m back in town but I doubt it lol

  2. What’s this I hear from my cohorts over there that upon my return, they may no longer be serving the Midnight and breakfast meals anymore? There will be MRE’s available instead! And some DFACs will be closed up? If true, it’s making me all tingly inside eager for my return…

    • I’ve only read about that happening in Kabul in the Stars and Stripes. I’ve heard nothing of it happening here. And, I’m guessing, it only applies to Americans since they’re the only ones with MREs.
      One of our guys overheard a DFAC manager talking about up to three KAF DFACs closing but he was unable to eavesdrop enough to determine when this might happen.

      • Well, i just heard from another colleague at Bagram that MREs are rumored to be coming in place of midnight meal and breakfast for all bases.

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