On The Road Again

How could I not choose this?

I’m outta here tomorrow for another several weeks off but first…I’m pretty proud of this meal. At the Far East last night, I had Lamb Biryani (lamb and rice) and a beef and rice stir fry accompanied by curried rice salad and a delicious rice pudding for dessert. L was moved to comment You must really like rice”.
“Actually, no, I’m not a huge fan of it.”
“Why’d you get all that then? There were other choices”.
But this way every one of my dishes is rice based.”
S, M and A didn’t seem to get it either. They’re all a little odd.

The Anti-Riced. Is nothing sacred?

I was, however, quite perplexed by the Far East “Crispy Cake” they had along with the rice pudding on the dessert line. It’s a sweet little crispy treat make with breakfast cereal. Yeah, I know, it should be a bloody Rice Krispie Square…right? Oh no, they can make a goddamn salad out of rice but not a crispy cereal based dessert…they make that out of Special fucking K. That ain’t right. A claimed to like it. I’m not talking to him.

Pork Chops de Lux. Now with Applesauce!

According to our schedule, we should have been eating at the Cambridge tonight. As we gathered for dinner, L decided that that was a good time to tell us “The Cambridge is closed for renovations”. “What?”, I replied “It can’t be. We have to eat there tonight”. “I bloody well told you it was going to be closed”, L pointed out defensively. “Yeah, but I assumed they’d wait until I’d left. We have a schedule!” Anyway, a lot of the mayhem my schedule was intended to alleviate ensued. We ended up at the Lux. I reluctantly tolerated this deviation from plan as the Lux is of the same type (Euro) as Cambridge according to the spreadsheet. However, A, S and M added to my discomfiture but not sitting at one of the tables on the immediate right as we always do. Despite the schedule and seating chaos, the pork chops were excellent and L and S both raved about the cheese and onion salad.

It will probably look exactly like this.

By the time I get back into KAF, the art of DFAC choosing should have gone high-tech. M has written a few moderately successful IPad/IPod apps for use by pilots. His great commission is to now produce an app that will randomly choose our DFAC for us each evening. It will even allow for the occasional non-DFAC eating establishment to come up. I’m hoping he goes with something interactive…like the Price is Right Wheel. Assuming his development efforts are successful, I’ll post a link once it’s up on the ITunes App Store. I suggested to M that I could make a fortune off his work my idea by selling it for $1 but he says he will give it away for free. Guess I’ll be working in this shithole a little longer.

Bottom Line

There are things I won’t miss and things I will miss about KAF while I’m home.

“Should I stay or should I go now?” – Mick Jones
Stupid question, Mick. You’ve obviously never been to KAF.

5 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Holy Fuck Batman – you only used the “F” word ONCE ! Of course, I did hear you call KAF “home” once as well recently, so maybe it’s starting to grow on you !

    • I have, actually, referred to the shacks as “home”…but only in comparison to the office. You spend 2/3 of your time somewhere for 4 years, it’s one of your homes whether you like it or not.

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