Summer’s Here…

Garish can be charming, right?

Too over-the-top, do ya think?

So it’s the eve of the 4th of July (or, as we call it in Canada, the 3rd of July) and the Americans are already getting ready for their big day. The Northline was decked out in red, white and blue, eagles, and Uncle Sam decorations. Yanks seem to take this shit pretty seriously compared to Canadians. On Canada Day a few days ago I sheepishly put a Canadian flag on my SUV and wore a maple leaf t-shirt…and I thought I was being pretty in-your-face with my patriotism. I guess I’d be a shitty American, eh?

Seriously? It’s like you’re begging me to mock you.

J, D and I went to Independence Hall for dinner tonight and, while it wasn’t decked out like the Northline, it did have a special menu advertised for tomorrow’s dinner. Hell, I wasn’t even going to write a blog tonight until J pointed out these gems.  There are three possibilities to explain this.

And for all of you complaining about the heat back in the real world:

That’s 116.7 degrees in American.

Bottom Line

Happy Birthday America…just keep the noise down. Some of us are trying to sleep up here.

“This was supposed to be my weekend off, but no. You got me out here dragging your heavy ass through the desert, with your dreadlocks sticking out the back of my parachute. You got to come down here with an attitude, acting all big and bad. And, what the Hell is that smell?” – Will Smith (Independence Day)

6 thoughts on “Summer’s Here…

  1. Maybe the northline will surprise us with a different kind of ice cream. I’m kinda sick of two straight months of strawberries flavor… Where was the poutine and the map-o-spread sandwichs for Canada day?

    • Hey, at least the Northline’s strawberry ice cream is a proper shade of pink and not the Barbie day-glo they have at the other DFACS…and I thought it tasted pretty good. It had just the right kind of artificial strawberry flavouring.

  2. If the menu doesn’t please you: there’s a new sandwichline in the Lux. The make Great salmon with bacan sandwiches!

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