Oldie but a Goody

Yesterday’s post about the fish-containing fish struck a chord with Bruce, a former member of our KAF team. He began waxing all nostalgic and shit and recalled another great fish offering from one of the DFACs. He sent me this picture from way back in 2010:

I suspect it's a little under-done then.

Bottom Line

I can’t even imagine what they were actually trying to say.

“Took me 4 hours to bury the cat”
“4 hours to bury the cat?”
“Yeah…wouldn’t keep still. Wriggling about, howling”
“Well, it’s not dead then”
“No, we just don’t like it”
-Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion

5 thoughts on “Oldie but a Goody

  1. I have a photo of the Supreme Menu card reading “Fish Dying” Eat Moderately! from my trip to KAF in Sept 2010. I effin roar laughing – usually inside – every time it comes up at work….

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