Fishy Fish

Don't even get me started on the spelling...

I’m a little perplexed. Who decided that the “This Product Contains Fish” sign was required right beside the “Baked Fish with Capper (sic) Sauce” sign? Do they sometimes serve fish that doesn’t contain fish?  And who the fuck is supposed to benefit from such a sign? J suggested that people who are allergic to fish would benefit. I countered that anyone who was allergic to fish but would eat something labeled “Baked Fish”, if there isn’t a “This Product Contains Fish” sign, is already dead.

1 thought on “Fishy Fish

  1. Fresh off a military embed in Afghanistan. Visited a couple of Romanian run DFACs. Quite an adventure. Seeing Egg Rolls in the breakfast line perplexed me, until I separated the word “Egg” “Roll”. To a Romanian, English is a second, third, or fourth language…Egg is a breakfast food, hell, a roll is a breakfast food, too. Therefore Egg Rolls for breakfast. Hell yeah, sign me up. I look forward to following your blog from afar.

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