An L of a Quote

L, our token Brit, was quotable today.

One the way to work first thing in the morning “Ready for my good news? I found someone to ship me seeds, nuts and prunes. I’ll be pooping good now*”.
Thanks for sharing L.

Talking about an upcoming meeting with some KAF bureaucrats. “I just want to be sure we’re all reading from the same page of the imaginary book”.

*Note: L pointed out that I hadn’t recorded her first quote accurately (hey, I was typing it on my IPod while driving so couldn’t get it all down without hitting the ditch). I’m afraid I ascribed more ladylike qualities to her than she actually possesses. Hence, “I’ll be regular as clockwork” has been amended to “I’ll be pooping good now” to more accurately reflect what she actually said. Luckily, she has a British accent so it still sounds classy and like something Queen Victoria might have said.

3 thoughts on “An L of a Quote

  1. Having just found your blog (although, i like to think of it as my little sarcastic respite from the hell that is my f-n life at KAF) i have to chuckle at your quote…and remember our own wall of quotes…”working LOGCAP is like wiping your arse with a hula-hoop…” yep, it can get worse…

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