Short and Oversweet

A break from my rants and back to some basic culinary reviews:

Best meal I've had this roto.

The Northline hit one out of the park today at lunch. Their “Glazed Cornish Hen” was awesome. They even had a giant tub of cranberry sauce which I consider an essential condiment for any roasted fowl. The goofball who used the cranberry spoon in the tzatziki¬† vat then replaced it in the cranberry sauce should be court-martialed but I did manage to avoid too much contamination. They’d also put out a pretty decent tossed salad and very good coleslaw. They even had orange juice! Good one Northline.


The Far East for dinner…what can I say? I had the stir fry and a sandwich sans mustard, mayo or butter. Would some type of sandwich condiment be too much to ask? And no, the little packets of Thousand Islands dressing are not suitable…I know, I tried it…ick. D had the beef stew and declared it KAF-good while J pronounced the chicken as “not as dry as usual”.Impressive how they’re inching their way towards mediocrity, eh? My beverage of choice was Orange Tang…it was either that, unfrozen, flat iced coke or improperly mixed iced tea.

Third time's the charm

Weirdly, the Tang and my “Strawberry Mousse” dessert had the same cloyingly sweet, powdery consistency. Neither D nor I could handle more than one taste of the mousse. Luckily, he had selected “Scone” as his back up dessert but he only managed two bites of that…the second bite being simply to confirm that there was no moist filling (or moisture of any kind for that matter) in the thing. On A’s advice, D went back for chocolate brownies and custard which he seemed to enjoy quite a bit but should one really have to try three desserts to find one that is edible?

The dinner conversation was as sophisticated as usual but I can’t for the life of me figure out how we ended up debating the merits of hiring Oompa Loompas as pilots.

Bottom Line

If I could get one meal a week that’s as good as the Northline’s lunch today, I’d be a happy man. I am, however, a miserable old cuss.

“Don’t you have a machine that puts food into the mouth and pushes it down?” – Nikita Khrushchev

2 thoughts on “Short and Oversweet

  1. I was catching up with “the facts” reading about the non-five second rule at KAF. Staring at the cream puff on the ground beside the metal leg of the chair on the concrete floor. It brought back distinct memories of those damn metal chairs scrapping on the floor as diners/patrons pushed back from the table with full weight in their seat. The noise was just….. dreadful. I didn’t understand how people couldn’t get out of their seat gracefully without causing that “nails running down the blackboard sound”. You ever experience this or was I obsessing and just wanted to go home? (I am sorry you’re there).

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