Spinnage, Pillage and Lineage

As the rains continue in our little desert paradise, life plods along. As gray skies predominate and boredom sets in, I notice my observations of that which is life in KAF become more eclectic. Here are some random musings from the last couple of days.


I’ve commented on tray spinnage before and it is a serious problem particularly as one tries to cut things with a plastic knife. D, who’s primary job is overseeing the maintenance for a highly sophisticated piece of aviation technology, instituted a tray serviceability check as we select our tray. It involves placing the tray on the top of the utensil dispenser thingy or any other convenient flat surface to check for spinnage prior to accepting the tray into service. This reflects standard QA procedure upon accepting materials. You can understand then how disappointed I was to find that D, while claiming to have done his spinnage test, had a very spinny tray this morning. Much to D’s chagrin, I’ve documented his failed counter-spinnage efforts. Here’s Tray Spinnage by Chubby Checker feat D. Click only if you’re really bored…it isn’t quite as interesting as it sounds.


It'll either sweeten my coffee or relieve my menstrual cramps...not sure which.

Some of the DFACS are out of sugar again. In its place, they’ve placed packages of artificial sweetener in tablet form on the tables. Have you ever seen shit like this before? The first time I ran across it was several months ago during an earlier sugar shortage. I found it in with the little salt packets on the table. I thought someone had slipped drugs in there…I mean, the writing on the package is all in Austrian or Swiss or something. How the hell am I supposed to know what it is? Once I had determined it was a sweetener (I don’t remember how…I must’ve run into an Austrian) I tried putting it on cereal. It added a sort of bitter sweet taste which was only mildly off-putting until you crunch into the chunk of undissolved fucking Huxol…then it’s like someone has poured a half cup of sugar into your mouth while you’re chewing on a piece of tin foil. It sucks.

So, anyway, I Google this Huxol shit and it’s not even mentioned on Wikipedia. That’s scary. I do manage to find its Facebook page though. A sweetener with a Facebook page. That’s stupid. Turns out it has more friends than I do. That’s depressing.


Where the hell did you all come from?

We used to have such a nice little neighbourhood. Now we try to go to our little local diner (the Northline) for lunch and it’s packed…sometimes. We can’t figure it out. We’d go to lunch at 1:15 and no one is there. The next day we go at the same time and it’s packed. So we try 12:15…”Aha” we think, “this is better”. Next day, it’s packed.We theorized that everyone was changing their lunch times to try and avoid the crowd so we made an effort to get out of sync by going at 1:15 two days in a row. The results are at right. We used to have the Northline almost all to ourselves. There is a lot of building going on around us and others moving in. There goes the neighbourhood. Oh, and hey, just because there are a lot of people and it’s really crowded as you enter, I can see you fuckers that don’t wash your hands.

Do you all really have to go to dinner at the same time as me? I find it inconvenient.

It’s not only the Northline that is having these issues. J and I went to IH for dinner tonight and the line up was similarly annoyingly long. Another real annoying (and kinda creepy) thing is that there always seems to one person at each meal who is constantly in your way. It can begin as they dawdle over the sink at the hand washing area as you try to get in to wash your hands. Then they’ll be in front of you at the steam line and, after what seems like hours of indecision, will ask for a little bit of every goddamn dish. As you move to get salad, they’ll be there ruminating over whether to get tomatoes and cucumbers or just tomatoes. Then they’ll be in front of you at the drink dispenser wrestling to get the paper cups apart for an inordinate amount of time. It must be some conspiracy because it’s a different person assuming the role of the bane of my existence at each meal. Exercising admirable restraint, I’ve managed to limit my reaction to a muttered “jesus christ” but, so far, this incantation has failed to exorcise these dawdlers from the DFAC.

Bottom Line

That was the day that was.

“Habit and routine have an unbelievable power to waste and destroy.” – Henri de Lubac

4 thoughts on “Spinnage, Pillage and Lineage

  1. Carol just suggested help you out and bring sugar. I replied you want me to bring a bag of white powdery substance through the security of a Islamic country.

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