A Slow News Day

Not much happening on the KAF lifestyle or culinary front today so just a few quick notes:

At the roundabout tonight, 3 guys were waiting to cross the road. I stopped and flashed my lights to signal them to cross. The bastards gave me a courtesy scowl rather than the mandatory courtesy wave (or at a minimum nod) that they owed me. They then did the zombie-slow KAF-saunter across the road. Wankers.

Run of the meal food.

At the Far East for dinner tonight the ribs were properly cooked if a little bland and the broccoli raisin salad was inoffensive. My practice dessert was a gluttonously bland fruit mousse that, on the bright side, had no scab. I also had an apple juice slushy that only produced 2 ice cream headaches, far below my personal record. A and I were both really happy with the mincemeat tarts we had for dessert while J wished they had contained more meat. A complained that the tarts should have been out for xmas and not in January. I told him it was now the Orthodox xmas but under his skeptical gaze I admitted that I had no idea when Orthodox xmas was nor did I care and I was just making shit up. J claimed to know that it certainly wasn’t Muslim xmas. Yeah, like an infidel like J would know when the hell Muslim xmas was. Can’t bullshit a bullshitter, J.

Ok, unchilled water beside the fridge, water in the fridge...but where the hell is the chilled water?!?

The signage in the Far East cleared up a couple of mysteries today. It turns out all those water bottles I could see through the glass door of the fridge are indeed filled with water. Also, the pallet of water sitting out all day at room temperature is actually unchilled. Huh…whoda thought?

That is all.

5 thoughts on “A Slow News Day

  1. It was indeed Ukrainian/Greek Orthodox Christmas. They should have made borscht but I can’t imagine what they would have done to that.

  2. How dare those guys acknowledge you in a way you deemed unfit, probably only worked a 14-hour shift beforehand and just wanted to get where they were going. Good of you to stop for a crosswalk like you’re supposed to in the first place though, I’d hate to forget to wave on my way to get some chow that beats the tar out of what a lot of these guys are getting out of the back of an MRAP while they’re on patrol and trying to avoid getting blown up.

    • To address your obviously terribly hurt feelings: 1. It’s satire 2. These guys were civilians so I doubt they’ve climbed out of any MRAPs lately. 3. They weren’t at a crosswalk.

  3. The chilled water is in the drinkdispensers, right next to the juice slushy machines. No chilled waterbottles though…

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