Eating Close to Home

Today was a slow day at work so we had the opportunity to have lunch on the south side of the airfield for a change. Given the disappointing fare at the IH and Cambridge over the last few days, A and I took a chance and walked over to the Far East. It’s pretty much right beside our accommodations block so even I was too embarrassed to suggest we drive.

Shock and Awe

Batting 1000

Boy! Was I pleasantly surprised. The pork chop tasted like pork (yeah, only in KAF is that high praise) and was nicely seared on the outside. The beef stir fry was excellent, particularly when topped with generous amounts of sweet chili sauce from the pump dispenser…you know, the kind that usually dispense ketchup at fast food joints. It is very possible that my love of the stir fry merely reflects my love of sweet chili sauce but who cares, it was good. Even the sauteed cabbage that I selected with some hesitancy was really good. I’m not sure what they added to it (MSG perhaps?) but it sure was tasty. And, while several unpleasant experiences have led me to generally avoid DFAC prepared salads, the carrot and raisin thingy was KAF-good.

Presentation ain't everything

In the interest of complete and in-depth journalism, I had two desserts. The Dutch Apple Pie was in a puff pastry and really good. Later in the day, I asked J, whose mother is Dutch, how Dutch apple pie differs from regular apple pie. “I don’t know…it’s served with a joint, maybe?” Thanks for that cultural insight J, but it turns out it’s the raisins. The puff pastry was a nice touch and made it strudel-like. Unfortunately, the pie’s complete lack of circularity detracted from the overall pleasure of eating it. The chocolate mousse had an undertone of caramel and was wonderfully skinless; I guess the DFAC folks saw the poll results.

Too Good To Last

Following this great lunch and ever the optimist, I proclaimed that Far East was now my DFAC of choice. “Perhaps they’re under new management” I speculated. Without dread (which is what passes for “with enthusiasm” around here), A, J and I walked (yes, my calves are now sore) to the Far East for dinner. I took a chance on the Chicken Tikka Masala thinking that this, the Asian DFAC, wouldn’t serve the same dried out, rubbery chicken as they do at the Cambridge curry line. I was wrong.

Luckily, I went for the Chicken Stir Fry too. It was ok but not near as good as the beef stuff at lunch. I think it was the sweet chili sauce that saved it from being a bland mess. I opted for the carrot raisin salad again for two reasons: a) it was so good at lunch, and b) I couldn’t bring myself to try the cold rice/pineapple salad. I’m not that interested in quality journalism.

The dessert choices were the same as at lunch so I went for the Dutch Apple Pie and Chocolate Mousse again. No excuse for getting two this time…other than gluttony.

Bottom Line

The Far East is much improved from the time of my first review and even from my more recent visit when it achieved adequacity. Now that we’re living even closer to it, I suspect we’ll be eating there quite often even if it means I actually have to walk.

“If god had meant man to walk he wouldn’t have invented the internal combustion engine” – Kafoodie

3 thoughts on “Eating Close to Home

  1. I have been reading your blogs for a few days now, thanks for all the lovely food updates. I am soon to be headed to KAF(hopefully) to join my husband and will be keeping your blog bookmarked for pointers, Thanks so much! lol!

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