Another Goodbye with Pizza of Course…and a Word on Reliability

The Pizza here is often bitter-sweet.

I’m outta here for several weeks of leave in a few hours. When I get back things will be very different around here and not in a good way. After 2 1/2 years with our KAF team, T is will be gone before my return. We did the standard pizza dinner on Friday and I gave him the obligatory poorly done KAF embroidery but there’s more to be said.

When T and I first met, I was the doe-eyed newby stepping off a plane in KAF, looking around and wondering “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” T was still in the Canadian military and he was here to work with me as we set up our services for them. He met me at the TLS and we got to work. As is normal in any customer/contractor relationship we had our disagreements but one thing that was clear from the outset was that he was reasonable and was reliable. More about what that means later.

Impressed with what an awesome company we are and what a great guy I am to work with, T retired from the military and came to work here with us as my deputy. Essentially, he and I do the same job covering for each other when one is out on leave. We’re management so we don’t actually do anything but we both have to have a comprehensive understanding of our operation and how things work on KAF (yeah, I know, no one understands how things work on KAF).

Next time we meet at least there will be real beer.

Everyone has people in their life they know they can rely on. Being a cynical bastard, for me this list is damned short…my mother and brothers, my wife, my kids and a very, very few close friends. I value reliability beyond any other attribute because it is the outward manifestation of honesty, considerateness, and, generally, good character. T has earned his place in this rather exclusive club.

I see this organization in KAF as very much “my baby” as I got here when there was nothing and now we’re a smooth running, valuable part of the ISAF effort. When I go on leave, I know I can rely on T to take care of things. That, to me, is a big fucking deal.

Bottom Line

This post isn’t as long or as eloquent as I had intended and doesn’t do justice to T’s contribution to our organization…but I gotta go catch a plane. I’m fortunate to have had him as a colleague but even more so to be able to call him my friend. I wish him well in adjusting to his life of leisure in front of his new 60″ 3D TV.

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