Extreme Makeover – DFAC Staff Edition

Imagine my surprise when, after getting my meal and sitting down at the Cambridge, T joins me and asks “Hey, what do you think of the new DFAC uniforms?” Of course, I hadn’t noticed. I don’t have an aesthetic bone in my body. My wife once painted all the trim in our otherwise white kitchen a bright yellow. I didn’t notice for 45 minutes and even then she still had to point it out. Anyway, upon a second look at the DFAC staff, I realized that they had swapped their old blue shirts for a sort of royal purple ensemble.

I like the purple better…it seems all regal and shit. However, I thought it best to leave the final decision up to ya’ll so I’m going to have a poll.

Please note, that as promised I bought a new camera when I was out on leave. I figured I may as well buy an IPod Touch since it had a camera and owning one would make the young’ns think I’m all hip and groovy. Unfortunately, as T tells me at least 3 times a day, the camera on the fucking thing isn’t much better than the one I was using on my steam driven cell phone. Consequently, I couldn’t get pictures that effectively showed the colour differences between the old and new uniforms. Fortunately, I found these reasonable approximations on the web:

Old Blue on Left, New Purple on Right

Ok, those aren’t really the new uniforms. Here’s the real poll with pictures,taken with my shitty cameras, of the Omelette King modeling the two styles:

Why should he wear purple? Because he's a fucking king, that's why!

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