Bait and Switch

mmm...spaghetti sounds yummy.

As I’ve mentioned, it’s important to read the menu before you enter the Monti otherwise you end up wandering around trying to see what’s at each location. So tonight, for the first time, I made a point to read it out loud to my dinner companions (M, J and A). Both M and I said we’d be going for the spaghetti…after all, we did feel like pasta tonight!

There was quite a line up at the main steam line so I wandered up and took a peek through. They were offering roast chicken or brisket. “Hmm…I know”, I says to myself, “I bet the pasta is below the Feel Like Pasta Tonight sign”. What was I thinking? That is where they put the Chinese food, of course. I guess they ran out of tacos. Sure, it was naive of me to expect to find pasta under the pasta sign but did I read too much into that menu when I expected there to be pasta somewhere?

So, where, you may ask, was the elusive pasta? I don’t know. I had a stupid hamburger. It was pretty good but in a very un-spaghetti-like way. In case you’re wondering, there were no goddamn mashed potatoes or sausages either.

Yeah, that'll do.

Somebody’s Listening

Remember a few posts back, I complained about there being no vinegar at Independence Hall? Well, Monti, being a clone of IH used to be vinegar-free as well. But, I think they’re taking Just DFACS Maam to heart. There’s now a giant jug o’ vinegar out with the ketchup and mayo. It’s kind of a bitch to pour and all the Americans look at you like you’ve lost your mind but oh, those fries are good now. You go Monti, fuck presentation!

Changing the world, one condiment at a time. I feel so empowered.

Stay Away from the Purple Drink, Man

A steered clear of the Mango Tang and went for the liquid labelled Grape Drink instead. In keeping with tonight’s theme of deception, Monti was actually serving Purple Drink. Grape implies a flavour and, A tells me, his drink had absolutely none. And, while it’s hard to see in the picture taken at left, (hey, my cell phone sucks as a camera…but it makes great phone calls and that’s all I can reasonably ask of it) the drink was staining the inside of the cup a very deep purple (no, not the good kind). My suspicion is that they accidentally added two doses of “Artificial Colours” and zero “Artificial Flavours”.

Bottom Line

Monti continues to offer pretty decent food but if I want a mystery dinner experience, I’ll go to TGI Friday’s.

4 thoughts on “Bait and Switch

  1. OMG, do you know how long it’s been since I have heard “Smoke on Water”, by Deep Purple??? That brings back sooo many memories, oh wait, ummm no, I really don’t remember much from those days……….sigh, well, that is probably a good thing, I’m thinking!

    I’m hoping that the purple drink didn’t also stain your teeth. Sorry you didn’t find the pasta.

  2. Way to go!! Vinegar will actually take stains out…so you don’t have to be the “Purple People Eater” LOL

  3. Purple drink = scary! Don’t people know to stay away from those weird tang or color concoctions? Even the “tea” we used to get at Bagram was questionable at times… 🙂

    And I never bothered to read the menus – too misleading no matter where you go (ie. reference the potato salad. I love potato salad but as you have more than once pointed out, DFAC chef’s take a bit too much liberty with ingredients). Just have to send a scouting party out ahead or do it thouself.

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