Poultry Reasoning

We headed over the to the Cambridge tonight. You may think that, since I’m writing a food blog, planning where we eat each night is a rather structured process. Not so. It usually consists of me asking my compadres (J, M and A tonight) where they want to eat as our vehicle approaches the exit of our compound. The votes tonight were one “I don’t care”, one “whatever”, one “Cambridge” and one “what does it matter, they’re all the same”; the last being my interpretation of their despondent sigh. The Cambridge was J’s rather exasperated sounding vote as I think he just wanted me to get the damn car moving towards food, any food.

Random Bitches

No, J and I did not discuss our ex-wives. This para is, rather, a compendium of the little things that detracted from my dining experience.

There is never anything new or innovative at the Cambridge. Is “consistently OK” really what they consider the pinnacle of culinary achievement?

Why are the lettuce leaves left in such big pieces? They’re bigger than 1) the little segregated area on the dinner plates 2) the miniscule salad plates and 3) my mouth. And that is saying something.

In the beef chow mein the chef had exactly replicated the flavour common to every dish at cheap chinese buffets back home. I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing. I did decide, and quite quickly, that having to spit the unchewable beef into a napkin is not a good thing.

I may have to re-think my stance on cricket. While it remains incomprehensible, it is at least a mainly visual TV experience. What the hell is the point of having the TV on the BFBS movie channel in the DFAC? You can’t hear it over the scraping chair legs and general hub bub. Nor does anyone sane spend more than about 1/2 hour in the place. Just put the damn Sky news channel on. At least you can see the headlines and read the ticker at the bottom. Jeez, how hard is that to figure out?

A’s New Leaf

Vegetable Stroganoff - What's it look like to you?

A arrived back in KAF on Sunday and announced that he has decided to start eating more healthily: loading up on veggies and avoiding processed food. Reading this blog, many of you may be of the impression that A’s goal will be nigh impossible in the DFACs. Not so. We had a vegetarian visitor from corporate HQ a few months back and he was very impressed with the selection of veggies and the omnipresent vegetarian option on the steamline. Soooo….both A and J got the Vegetable Stroganoff tonight. Sure, I know I don’t eat enough vegetables but I do make an effort to have some with each meal, I even like many of them, but I just can’t bring myself to ever get the vegetarian option at the steamline. They always look slimy and nasty. While A and J said tonight’s fare was pretty good, the last time I saw something like that, tequila was involved.

Some Fowl Words

One the menu tonight was roast chicken. This made me realize that some of the newer arrivals in KAF may not know the rules surrounding chicken in KAF. Chicken is ALWAYS on the menu. It does, however, come in several forms…not all of which are fit for human consumption. Here’s all ya need to know:

1. Only get any of the roasted or grilled varieties of chicken if it is still on the bone (exceptions are noted in rule 2). The boneless chicken breasts are the consistency of rubber only slightly drier and bouncier.

2. If the chicken is breaded and appears to have been prepared in a factory, it is likely ok. A notable example of this is the breaded chicken breast. It is always delightfully uniform and moist. The chicken strips are also pretty good but are sometimes dry. The chicken nuggets are really only for those environmentalists who think every part of the chicken must be used…ground up, processed and used. Of course, none of these products would be appropriate for anyone on A’s new diet plan.

3. When chicken on the bone is offered, be sure to specify that you want a leg. You MUST do this for two reasons. a) The breasts are often very dry and b) to eliminate the possibility of getting chicken ass.

Bottom Line

The Cambridge, still very similar to the Lux, remains a decent place to eat if you know the rules. It would be nice if they mixed up the menu a little bit and maybe set their sights on achieving the lofty heights of “more than adequate” or even “good”. At least with the Monti and Independence Hall offering a different sort of food, you can vary your menu by alternating between these two disparate types of DFACs.

5 thoughts on “Poultry Reasoning

  1. What I don’t like about Cambridge and nearly every other DFAC at KAF is that you have to stand in too many lines just to get one complete meal, or to figure out all the offerings. I always gave up at some point and ended up with lopsided meals – lots of veggies but no main course, main course and lots of bread but no sides, dessert and bread only, etc. And nearly every time, after I’d be about finished someone would sit down near by with an item that looked great but that I never saw. DOH! 🙂

  2. Well… It looks just about as bad as HMCS Ontario (RCSTC). It can be either really, really bad, bad, or decent. Best meal I had was some ribs….

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