It’s Quiet….Too Quiet

I started this blog about a 1 1/2 months ago. I’m gratified to see that my shameless self-promotion on Facebook, and in the office annoying my KAF co-workers has paid off. Yesterday, there were 213 page views and at 0600 today I’m already up to 56…oh wait, just reloaded, 58. Yeah, I admit I’m a bit of a crack whore, constantly checking my stats to get a fix.

With that many page views, I’m surprised that I’m getting so few comments other than those from my wife, kids, mother and a couple of other friends. Perhaps you accidentally ended up at the site by googling “chicken ass” for reasons other than culinary. Maybe you’ve just got nothing to say. If, however, you agree/disagree/like/dislike anything I’ve written, are a smartass and have something smartassy to add or have been to KAF and have your own stories about the good, the bad and the ugly of life in this wonderland, please feel free to add a comment. Your email won’t be published and you can use a fake name. I don’t censor or approve of the comments before publication. I’ll only delete comments if they go well beyond the bounds of what I consider good taste…and those are pretty liberal fucking bounds indeed.

Phase 2 of shameless self-promotion complete.

11 thoughts on “It’s Quiet….Too Quiet

  1. Too bad your wife has already retired for the evening…I’m pretty dam sure she would have some awesome to say about this post! I’m logging back in tomorrow for sure, just to see what she wrote, even if you haven’t posted anything new!

    Now get working on that spreadsheet shit you owe me!

  2. OK, I’m all caught up reading….I think I will spend the next couple of days stuffing myself with the local Auz fair, so I don’t have to eat for the next few weeks. J does not have that luxury as he takes wing this evening.


  3. Back here across the pond we take things for granted….especially when it comes to the food part…we are a spoiled society. All I can say is Bless the wonderful people who put themselves in harms way to allow us to have the daily things we take for granted. I have a great deal of respect for you. 😉

  4. Your blog cracks me up. I followed a link on Facebook posted by a friend in Kandahar. I can just imagine the quality of the food, but I can also understand what happens when you cook for an entire “city” of people!

  5. Tried to click the LIKE button above, but received a message that I need a account. No problem other than that the government server blocks the site. Anyways, great posts and great blog overall.

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