The Half Monti

I’m way behind on my DFAC commentary but I thought I’d jot a few words down about tonight’s dinner at the Monti.

A quick look at the menu (fish and turkey) caused me to run directly to the Taco Bar (now that I know where it is). I heeded my own sage advice and avoided the CheezTM. Despite having read my blog on the subject and ignoring my verbal warnings tonight, T brazenly added the CheezTM to his tacos. When I asked him during dinner how he liked it, he cryptically replied “There’s nothing to like, it just is”. I think this was his way of saying “You were right and I was wrong”. My tacos were KAF-awesome in their Cheez-less splendour and were made all the more delicious by generous dollops of fresh, thick sour cream from the salad bar.

Much to my surprise, M2 said the baked fish was “pretty good” but the cauliflower was way over cooked having entered the “mush” stage of its life-cycle about 10 minutes before being removed from the pot.

The Peach Tea, unfortunately, tasted pretty much as I had expected it would. The bottled water had the distinctive musty odour and taste that occurs if the cartons get wet or the bottles are left in the sun too long. One sip was enough for me. Experience tells me that drinking funky smelling water in KAF is ill-advised unless one enjoys severe intestinal distress.

Unlike at Independence Hall, there actually were “assorted pies”. Well, two sorts anyway. The apple pie was very good in a factory produced kind of way. The highlight of the desert menu, however, were the sugar cones available next to the “machine that dispenses frozen stuff”. I assume this was meant to be vanilla ice cream but it had zero flavour. I think I now know what white tastes like.

Overall, a KAF-good dining experience was had by all tonight. Good job Monti but for chrissakes, get some grown-up chairs!

5 thoughts on “The Half Monti

    • You have to read the link where I discuss this particular fake cheese. Fake cheez is indeed a wonderful thing if it contains all the proper man made chemicals.

  1. Knowing what white tastes like, is that kinda sort like the saying: white on rice? And as for the bottled water, I know that taste. It is like the taste of liquid dirt.

  2. Funky-tasting bottled water? Intestinal distress? I think I understand the poo pond now…

    PS why is all the meat grey all the time?

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