ESJ Special

Ya know what I didn’t do? I didn’t select either the chicken or beef on the ESJ/Aerotech flight outta KAF. Know why? Cause I’m not an idiot.

I always just take the little plastic, prepackaged tray because the hot food on ESJ sucks marginally more than the cold food does. By cold I mean anything up to the ambient temperature of 45C.

So, I ended up with a quite delicious bun upon which I could easily spread the butter as it reached its boiling point. I also slathered on some Vache qui rit like cheese and, of course, some salt. This made for one pretty delicious 45C sandwich.

The dessert, however, was another matter. I generally like desserts. In fact, I’ve been known to ask J or M2 to work out for me by proxy when I enjoy an extra slab of cake or two.  The dessert on the ESJ flight, however, wasn’t even worth getting someone else to work out for me. It was a three layered affair. The bottom layer was a reasonably decent vanilla cake thingy. The middle may or may not have been a chocolate version of the bottom layer…it was ill-defined. The top layer was meant, I believe to be a cool, parfait/gelatin/lemony thing. Oh what a difference 40 degrees can make. The cake layers were ok (think of warm cake…you don’t want to vomit, do you?). The top layer at about 45C kinda tasted like what I imagine a carefully climate controlled bacterial culture would taste like (now rethink my vomit question.) It sort of melted on the spoon before it got refreshed by the coolness of my mouth.

I’m now in Dubai. A hideous Islamic backwater with pretensions of grandeur and civilization which are unwarranted. Luckily they have beer.

3 thoughts on “ESJ Special

  1. I don’t think that enough enphesis was placed on the dinning experience provided by ESJ. Atmosphere is always a big part of the dinning experience and you hardly mentioned it. I have always felt obligated to partake of the meal because my dinner tray would repeatedly open, with no interaction from me, as if possessed. I thought maybe it was Gods way of saying, just eat the damn food, people are starving but come to find out that it opens everytime the fat guy in the seat ahead leans back. You also have to prop you knee under the corner as it is not level and in some cabins there may not be enough room fully lower the tray. It aint the Waldorf.

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